Welcome to Legend of Zelda: The Edge and The Light.

After years of absence, Link finally returns to Hyrule from his travels abroard. Initially expecting to greet Princess Zelda, he instead finds the kingdom in decline, plagued by all kinds of trouble. Just what is causing these problems, and does it have anything to do with why Link left in the first place? NB: This story is now finished, at 11 chapters and 312 pages! Thanks to everyone who read it. For those who want to know what I'm doing next, please check my DeviantArt account (http://queeniechan.deviantart.com/)

This story has now ended!

Hi everyone! "The Legend of Zelda: The Edge and The Light" has now completed it's run at a grand total of 312 pages! I've garnered a lot of readers during this 1-year run, and I want to thank each and every one of you. It's great to receive comments about my work.

Unfortunately, I won't be doing any more fanfiction. I normally do original work, so I'll continue drawing/writing in comics-prose since I have more original stories I want to draw. If you want to know what I'm up to in the latest news, please visit my DeviantArt.

I'll still be posting my long-form stories up on SmackJeeves, so please keep your eyes peeled for that in the future! Best!

- Queenie

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You can download the whole story as an e-book now!

Edit: Someone emailed me to let me know you can use the "You set the price!" function on Smashwords! This means the user can pay anything they want, including ZERO dollars. So, the third Zelda part is now a "You set the price" e-book! For people who want to donate to me, use this function to donate whatever you want!

How to download part 3: Become a member of Smashwords (it's free). If you click on the 'Add to Cart' option on the right, or any of the 'Buy' options down below, you can enter the price you want, including $0.00. If you enter ZERO dollars, you can download it for free, otherwise you can donate whatever you want, and it even has a pie chart telling you how much of your donation I get (Smashwords has management costs too).


Hi folks! "The Legend of Zelda: The Edge and The Light" is coming to a close, and here is the FREE complete e-book for download as promised.

What I'm doing next:
"The Dreaming" fans rejoice. When "Zelda:TEATL" finishes its run at the end of October, I'll be working on a collection of short horror stories called "The Man with the Axe in his Back". I have a backlist of short horror stories to write/draw, and I'll be working on that and publishing it as a $5.99 e-book on Smashwords when I'm done. I'll be posting sneak previews up, after I post samples of "Small Shen" and "The Dreaming" up on my DeviantArt account and elsewhere.

"Legend of Zelda: The Edge and The Light" E-book:

It's been split into three separate parts, because Smashwords.com can only take files of 10MB each, and this story is 21 MB in total. The good news is that it's been spell-checked and edited, though as usual, please let me know if you spot any errors.

The files are available in .EPUB (Most reading devices), .MOBI (Amazon Kindle), and PDF (General PC use). There's also an online viewer, which is actually okay in how it displays the pages.
Also: you can stitch the PDF files together into one big file if you download Adobe Acrobat 8 for free.

Download it here:
Scroll down to the BOTTOM of the page and choose your download format.
Part 1 - Chapters 1-4 --- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/349533
Part 2 - Chapters 5-8 --- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/349564
Part 3 (Final) --- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/349570 (You set the price! Join the site for free, click 'Add to cart' or 'Buy', and you can enter whatever price you want, including $0.00)

If you want a hardcopy of this, you can email me at ironmice@hotmail.com. The hardcopies start @ US$21.99 (Shipping included)

How to download part 3: I had to delete an earlier "optional donation", but it's now back on, as a 'You set the price!' option. If you click on the 'Add to Cart' option on the right, or any of the 'Buy' options down below, you can enter the price you want, including $0.00. If you enter ZERO dollars, you can download it for free, otherwise you can donate whatever you want, and it even has a pie chart telling you how much of your donation I get (Smashwords has management costs too).

I've gotten some emails in the past asking how people can donate to me without using the "Donate" button on my website (lack of paypal, etc), and so this is what the 'You set the price!' option is for. Previously, I directed them to buy a hardcopy, but truth is (a) not every has $20+ to spare, and (b) not everyone wants a hard copy. If you want to donate money to me, I suggest you buy the book on Smashwords, or use the "Donate" button on my website at www.queeniechan.com

Anyway, if you enjoyed the story, then please leave a nice comment on the Smashwords website! Thanks!

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Trailer for Chapter 7 is here!

It's a teensy bit late, but here it is, with music by my friend Yunyu (who just got married, congrats!). This gives some insight on what's happening in Chapter 7, for those who can't wait. It's quite an emotional chapter, and it delves into the past once again, this time giving another version of events to what was already established.

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Trailer for Chapter 6!

Here's the latest trailer for Chapter 6, which comes at the end of Chapter 5! the trailer music is by my friend Yunyu.


I've also made some pixel art Zelda bookmarks, which can be downloaded at my DeviantArt page. I've inserted myself, because these are meant to be customisable - more details on my DevArt page.

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Trailer for Chapter 5!

You may all know about the "chapter soundtracks" I've been touting for a while (composed by my musician friend Yunyu, but they're really meant to be TRAILERS. We were a bit behind beforehand, but now that we've caught up, we can now officially release these as TRAILERS!

So, sneak peak for Chapter 5!!

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Music for Chapter 4!

I cannot believe I haven't yet posted this up! It's the music soundtrack to Chapter 4, which I had a while ago. Here it is, in its full glory!

Music for 'Chapter 4' by Yunyu:

Yunyu is my musician friend, and I've asked her to compose music for this fanfic of mine. These are really trailers, so I'll be releasing the TRAILER for Chapter 5 next week!

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The Legend of Zelda: The First Game I Played

Happy 2013, everyone!! I'm darn pleased to tell you all that I managed to meet my own deadlines, and finish Chapter 9 of "The Edge and the Light". Two more chapters to go this January!

Someone asked me why I spent this much effort to draw such a long Zelda fanfic, and I decided to post up several reasons, one of which included why the original "Legend of Zelda" meant so much to me. So here it is, my first experience in playing Zelda.

The first Zelda game I played:

The first time I played the original "Legend of Zelda", it was a failure. The second time I played it was a revelation. I was 8 years old, sitting with my my old white-and-red modded Famicom from Japan, and Zelda was just one game I had among many. Working through my game library, I popped Zelda in, tried to figure out what to do for a few minutes, declared it boring and stupid and then played another game. It wasn't because it was a bad game (heck no), but because I couldn't understand the game. Unbeknownst to my young mind, the original "Legend of Zelda" was a watershed moment in home console gaming, and a huge departure from what video games were like back in 1987.

Up until then, my understanding of computer games were either side-scrolling platform games like "Super Mario Bros" or "Castlevania", or single-screen games like "Lode Runner" or "Bubble Bobble", where the goal was to get to the next stage. Occasionally you get sports games like "Ice Hockey" (totally fun) or racing games like "Excitebike" (simple, but still one of the most fun multiplayer games I've ever played), or shooter games like "Defender" or "TwinBee"... but the basic idea remained the same. Go right, never left - keep going. Most games I played were a variation of that. The "Legend of Zelda" was a free-roaming exploration game, and I just didn't "get" the concept.

It took a visit to a friend's house to change that perspective. My friend was playing the game, and he explained it to me, while I watched. Suddenly, I got it. I understood what the game was about, and how to play it. It was full of adventuring, exploring, beating monsters, and secrets. My friend lent me the strategy guide, and I went home and literally played the crap out of the game. As a 9 year-old I managed to reach the final dungeon, but never managed to get through that massive level to defeat Ganon. And then my Famicom got given away, so I never got to finish it, though I managed to play a bit of the murderously-difficult "Zelda 2: Adventure of Link" (to date, I'm sure I'm the only person on earth who wants to see Nintendo do another take on Zelda 2 - not a remake, but a side-scrolling Zelda).

Years later, I would finally get the chance to beat both the first and second quests, but the original "Legend of Zelda" will always remain the game that revolutionised my idea of what video games could be. It was a seminal moment in gaming history, but it was also a seminal moment in my young impressionable mind - video games could be anything you wanted, and be about anything. It was as big a revelation as reading "Black Jack" was, as a teenager, as I wrote about it on my blog here (http://www.queeniechan.com/2011/05/11/recommendation-black-jack/).

It's been years since the first "Legend of Zelda" game, and it's been gratifying to see the series evolve, and survive a transition to 3D, something that countless other gaming icons have failed to do (Sonic and the Belmont Family, I'm looking at you). I can't say I like the latest Zelda games as much as the earlier ones, but I understand the series needs to keep evolving, so at least for now, I'll keep on buying and playing the Zelda games, even as I hardly ever play video games anymore (long story there). Either way, this series has given me so much fond memories, hence why I'm doing this fanfiction. I'm sure other people have similar stories as to why they're long-time Zelda fans too.

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Book Trailer, Music for Chapters 2-3, and Cover!

Important: No update 28th December 2012 (C'mon, it's New Years!), and Chapter 4 will begin 4th January 2013! See you then!

Merry Xmas, y'all!! It's been a really busy month for me, with Small Shen being available in bookstores and various other stuff happening. Small Shen is doing really well, and my editor told me it's #4 in the SciFi charts, which is really great. Anyway, to help promote the book, author Kylie Chan, Musician Yunyu and myself decided to put together a book trailer for the book on Youtube. Here it is!


Meanwhile, in terms of news for "The Legend of Zelda: The Edge and The Light", a few things. Firstly, Chapter 3 ended today, and Chapter 4 will start next Friday the 28th December 2012 (I'm halfway through Chapter 9, out of 11), and secondly, this series is now available to be viewed on Mangafox! Neat, huh?

Thirdly, my musician friend Yunyu has now finished her compositions for Chapters 2 and 3!! Youtube time!

Lastly, I have the cover for this series done, in full technicolour glory! This is going to be the cover for this whole book, so gaze at it and recognise it. I hope to at least print a few copies in the future, so hopefully it'll turn out nice. As you can, I've been super busy this month!

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

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