October 18th, 2012, 9:22 pm

Music for Chapter 1

Hello folks! Seven pages coming tomorrow, but today I drop some music. My friend Yunyu has finally gotten the music for Chapter 1 of my Zelda fic polished and into a presentable form (which in 2012, typically means a Youtube video). This is music for the location of Zora Domain from Chapter 1, and that's about it, because that's what I asked her to do. In retrospect, I realise we should have discussed it more (see below), but this also means that future videos for later chapters will feature music that's different. Anyway, I copied some art from Chapter 1 to go along with the video. A 'summary' of the chapter, if you will.

I asked Yunyu to do music that resembles a video game soundtrack, meaning that it should be a simple looping track that establishes a mood or an environment. In this case, it's the watery, relaxing environment of the Zora Court, though looking back, I feel this probably wasn't the best of ideas. Part of the reason was that I was just going to embed a midi or mp3 in with the pages, but it turns out that embedding pure music files are a real pain in the ass these days. So I accompanied the track with pictures, which changed it a lot. What was originally a music track is now a video with images from the story... which means that it's changed from 'mood' track, to a 'soundtrack' track - very different from its original intentions.

Yunyu cut her teeth doing film scores, which means that her original approach was more cinematic. I liked her original 'film score' (titled 'Link Returns'), but told her to abandon it in favour of the video game music track, which I now realise I shouldn't have. Anyway, we both think that 'Link Returns' should, uh, make a return someday, so keep your eyes (ears) peeled for that track!

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